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                             The Chi Machine

FDA Approved Class 1 Regulated Therapeutic Massager Medical Device

Blending ancient arts with modern technology for a unique therapeutic experience, the Chi machine provides an effortless complete body workout without impact on your joints or muscular strain.  You can lay down comfortably and use the Chi machine at any time regardless of time, place or climate conditions.  The Chi machine's simplicity of use and portability offers a convenient way for busy people to cultivate a vital exercise habit while receiving a full body massage -- and do  both in 5 to 15 minutes!

Stress gets in the way of sleep, digestion, interaction and health, to name a few. The Chi machine is a quick way to help change the stress chemistry into relaxation chemistry. 


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Since 1990, over five million Chi machines have been sold worldwide.  Beware of copycat knock-off machines --the HTE original Sun Ancon Chi machine does not injure you, and the same may not be said about its imitators.  The HTE Chi machine has FDA approval and has gained a tremendous reputation for its solid construction, long life and outstanding benefits.  And unlike many types of medical devices, the Chi machine is easy to use, providing excellent results without stress or injury risk to the body.

The Chi machine's patented movement increases oxygen levels, relieves fatigue, reduces muscular aches, pain and tension and helps improve circulation and organ functionWhen the machine shuts off, you experience the famous Chi Rush, a sense of extreme comfort and pleasure that is immediate and noticeable.


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HTE’s Chi machine helps Fibromyalgia pain

 “The Chi machine charged up my chakras”

--Kathy Lee Kappmeier, author of  Instructing Hatha Yoga and founder of Yogawell Yoga Teacher Training Center, San Diego, CA

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Professional Use of the Chi machine in SHEN therapy

I use the Chi machine in my practice of SHEN Physio-Emotional Therapy.  Within 5 minutes, the Chi machine has relaxed my clients and prepared them for their SHEN session. The Chi machine gives each client a tangible experience of their chi, normally an awareness that can takes months or years to cultivate.  As a side benefit, each client also receives in those 5 minutes a gentle limbering massage which oxygenates their body and provides exercise benefits equivalent to an aerobics class, yet without exertion, sweat or muscle strain (and not requiring a change of clothes)!  The machine is lightweight, portable, and easy to use -- my clients simply lay down on a yoga mat or massage table and relax!  I use the Chi machine regularly in my practice and bought a second one to rent out overnight and for clients to use between sessions.

The Chi machine saves me time as my clients are already deeply relaxed with strong chi circulating when they come to the table and I am able to proceed more rapidly into the therapeutic work of SHEN therapy.  

The Chi machine also makes it easy to assess and confirm areas where a client may not be aware they are impacted. Without fail, SHEN therapy at the site(s) of the body that was constricted and then gently moved first on the Chi machine gives the client a very productive and often profound session with remarkable physio-emotional benefits. (see testimonials: After Receiving SHEN therapy).”  --Ayleyaell Kinder


Chi Machine and Multiple Sclerosis

I am a professional violinist who has played and taught music for over 20 years. In January 2003, I developed tingling in my fingertips and arm that continued to travel up my right face and neck. There were parts of my face and arm that were numb and I started to experience a sensation of "ants" crawling up and down my head. I had trouble sleeping and yet I was extremely tired all the time. When I started losing control of small motor skills in my hand and had trouble lifting and holding my violin bow, I got really scared.

I'm 40 years old and playing the violin all my life. I've played in Symphony Orchestras that have performed with artists such as Luciano Pavarotti and Elton John. I always figured I would be playing the violin until I was at least 80! When little things such as pencils and my violin bow began to slip from my fingers...I panicked. If the music world knew about this, I would lose music contracts that were already booked two years in advance. My career and my life would be over if I could not play violin any more.

An MRI was done on my neck and a lesion was discovered on my spine. The doctors suspected it was an MS attack. I was put on IV steroid treatments to lessen the attack, but it made me feel terrible. The attack lasted for six weeks. Attacks can occur as often as 8 - 12 months apart. I was told that there was no cure for MS and the attacks would worsen, affecting my vision, speech, arms and legs. Taking medication injections once a week could slow the progression but there was no guarantee and the medicines cost $1000 a month. The side effects of the drugs were the same as flu symptoms. I decided to find an alternative.

One of my violin students, Linda Porche, a retired nurse, introduced me to the Chi Machine. I tried the Chi Machine and within two weeks the numbness and tingling subsided and I was able to regain the use of my arm and fingers. The more I used the Chi Machine, the better I felt. I felt more alert mentally, and I slept better. I was more relaxed and the pain in my neck and spine disappeared! But more importantly, I was able to play violin again.  Playing violin every day for three to four hours at a time can cause a lot of muscle tension in your shoulders, neck, back and arm.  After a long day of playing and teaching, I get on my Chi Machine and the tension and pain floats away.

Since I began using the Chi Machine, I have not had any problems with MS. The Chi Machine has made a profound difference in my health and how I feel. I thank Linda for introducing me to the Chi Machine and giving me a healthier alternative. Several of my family and students have purchased Chi Machines once they saw how much better I felt.

If I had a million dollars, I would buy everyone I know a Chi machine!

--Mary Jane Winslow 


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