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The high resonance E-Power increases Negative Potential Energy (Anion Effect) which increases one's chi, and benefits every cell in your body.

In the first month that I used the  E-power with clients, one client had her chronic fatigue dissolve and two clients had persistent, long standing depression lift.
One of my clients, who is psychic, says that E-Power “raises your vibration higher than the dis-ease.”

E-Power does not propel electricity directly into your body.  Rather, the E-Power works as a generator which affects your body by resonance, creating an internal energy which balances and revitalizes you by increasing your electric potential exponentially and turning you into a capacitor.

(Capacitors hold and store electric energy)

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E-power and Bone Regeneration
E-power and High Insulin dosage Diabetic

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The E-Power provides Negative Potential Energy (Anion Effect) with High Frequency Energy (Resonance) throughout your entire body, relaxing you, and creating a healthy, balanced internal energy field.”

 All you do is sit or recline, wrap a belt around your waist, and relax, while E-Power goes to work on every cell in your body!

Some people report that they feel “happy” or that they feel subtle relaxing tingling sensations during their session, although most feel nothing at all while the machine is on. 

However the benefits of using E-power soon make themselves apparent! 


My understanding of chi (qi) comes from the Chinese perspective: all of us are born with a certain amount of chi, or life energy.  Some people are born with strong chi, others enter this world with not so much chi or with weak chi.  The chi you are born with is finite. Unless you cultivate (nourish and replenish) your chi,  it eventually diminishes and your body  weakens.  One can strengthen one's chi (through chi gong, with knowledgeable use of herbs, breathing techniques, acupuncture, etc.).  Chinese master physicians have developed the skill of nourishing  chi to a fine art.  Advanced practitioners live long lives. At left is a photo of my Taoist  Sifu (teacher),  Mr. Share K. Lew, of Wong Lung Monastery. This photograph, which I took in China  at the foot of the Luo Fuo mountains in 1988, shows Sifu at nearly 70.  He was often mistaken for a much younger man, and remained active and vital throughout his life, teaching well into his 90s.

It takes time to cultivate one's chi. Traditionally, training to strengthen one's internal chi takes months, if not years.   So I was surprised and impressed when I first began to use E-power with some of my clients.  I felt a difference in their chi -immediately much stronger- when they used the E-power for half an hour before their SHEN session. They described internal awareness, well being, and other benefits typical of long term chi gong practice - after just one E-power session! 


Some Benefits of E-Power Reported:
  • Increased feeling of well being, depression lifted.
  • Improved blood circulation, lowered risk of heart disease.
  • Reduced inflammation, enhances the immune system, relieves pain.
  • Improved digestion, relieved constipation.
  • Increases ATP energy, cells activated and receive more nutrition.
  • Improved calcium absorption and bone tissue
  • Accelerated healing, Regeneration of bone.
  • May prevent or correct osteoporosis.
  • Increases oxygen intake, normalizes blood pH, can lower blood pressure.
  • Detoxification, cells more efficiently release waste.
  • Lower blood sugar, reducing the risk of getting diabetes.
  • Balances the autonomous nervous system and reduces stress.
  • Improves skin, reduces wrinkles, youthing effect.
  • Contributes to slimming, helps with weight loss.
  • Clearer mental performance, focus, concentration. 

I am very interested in working with physicians and other health professionals to track patient improvements with regular use of E-power.

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Thank you Bob Nelson of Minnesota for sending me the above testimonial!

E-power used with high dosage Insulin-dependent Diabetic:

“I would like to tell you about one of my patients who was under my care for Diabetes Mellitus; she depends on insulin to control her condition.  She started using E-power on a daily basis... We found that for the first time in her life, her blood sugar levels were very low. For that reason, I suggested she lower her daily dose of insulin. The patient consulted with her primary doctor who agreed with my recommendation.  In the medical field, there are no known cases or reports of a patient who relies on insulin and has been using it for a long period of time that has stopped needing their daily dose of insulin. On the contrary, these patients typically require more doses. It is very common for those who require a high dose to develop a resistance to insulin. Commonly, these cases do not have a good prognosis.

Today, my patient has stopped taking insulin; she controls it with pills and her blood sugar is still low.  Of course, she continues to use her E-Power on a daily basis.

God bless you all and thank you for showing us the power of E-Power.”

                                   E-power Video Demonstration

I was impressed with the E-Power from my very first experience.  I had tweaked my back that morning and had an ache at L4 & L5.  When my E-power session started, I felt as if small silver bubbles were moving all around the region, reminding me a little of the "scrubbing bubbles" commercials. The bubbles got smaller and smaller, then disappeared. When the bubbles disappeared, so did my pain!  All this took about 10 minutes!

The more research I did on the E-Power, the more enthusiastic I became.  I started giving my clients a half an hour session on it before their SHEN therapy.  Each time, there is substantial chi in their bodies available to work with, and a majority have pivotal sessions of deep insight  and release that changes their life.  --Ayleyaell Kinder, SHEN Therapist

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