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E-Power Information Booklet

I was inspired to research more about the E-power and how it produced its results.  What I found impressed me, and so I compiled the information* into a 30 page E-power information booklet (below).
You can read the booklet on line on Scribd here.  Directions: Desktop view, at the bottom of the window below, you'll see a gray toolbar next to the word “Scribd.” Mouse over to find the icons where you can zoom in or make it full screen as you like. 
DOWNLOAD: You are welcome to download it for free here as a pdf to read offline or to print out. Directions: When you click the link above, a new window will open. Wait for the booklet to load, then look for the small downward pointing arrow to your far right in the toolbar. Click the arrow, and a window will appear and ask where you would like to the pdf downloaded to.



  *Thank you to all whom I quoted in producing my compilation of E-Power information.  If you originated the research, and I haven't acknowledged you, I apologize, As some of the data was repeated in several sources,  I can't discern who originated it—please contact me if you would like to be credited.

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