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This website will give you some of the science behind the “miracles.” 


You will find information here about some marvelous healing equipment and

also where you can try and easily buy them.







What is SOQi? 
A state of the art integration of modern technology, medical science and traditional Chinese medical understanding!

The word “SOQi” is the combination of Solar” and Qi.”

Qi is the international spelling for Chi.”

SOQi means The life force from the sun.

SOQi is pronounced “Sō-Kēē.” 

 What is SOQi Like?

A heavenly experience!

  Relax deeply, fully clothed,

warmed by healing rays, 

gentle movement

or subtle resonance. 


What is HTE?

     HTE stands for Hsin Ten Enterprises, the manufacturers of the SOQi equipment.

USA Headquarters are in El Monte, CA.


Click here for Ayleyaell's Story 


Ayleyaell's vibrant mother, Betty Esthelle, RN, loved the SOQi which her Chi machine and FIR dome provide, and recommended them highly. Betty was a psychotherapist, registered nurse, and the founder of the healing modality Body Enlightenment.

Remaining youthful through her 89th year, Betty had an active private practice healing others in her Vancouver, WA office near Portland, Oregon up until her passing.  Betty used the equipment herself daily and incorporated them into her work with her clients -- to everyone's benefit! Her clients still rave about their wonderful experiences with Betty.


  SOQi Bed - A Chi Spa and Total Health Management System of One's Own!

The SOQi bed has its own video and page here.

The SOQi bed is the Rolls Royce of HTE.

A state of the art massage table combining sound, Far InfraRed (FIR) and Chi motion energy, the SOQi bed provides exceptional relaxation, healing and rejuvenation. 

            Try them



If you are inspired by what you read here, I invite you to purchase and try the

“3 Musketeers” at your home or office!

Your family and co-workers will thank you!

Email Ayleyaell here or phone her with any questions you may have:

You can order any or all of the HTE health building Musketeers for a no-risk FREE two week unconditional trial.*

You will find prices and a simple 2 step ordering process on the Easy Purchase” page of this website.

Ayleyaell is particularly interested in working with health professionals to help them incorporate SOQi equipment into  their practice!


Equipment is also available in 220v for Australian, UK, and European residents.


Disclaimer :

Both the Chi machine and the FIR dome's effectiveness have been demonstrated over and over again during the last two decades, but we (myself and the other people mentioned as part of the HTE International Group, unless they are qualified medical doctors), cannot and do not intend to provide medical advice.The information contained within this web-site is for general information only.  Always consult your physician for medical advice.


 *If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied during your 14 day FREE trial, you may return any of the HTE products for a full refund, excluding shipping, when you return it in its original packaging.  If not returned in its original packaging there is a 15% restocking fee.  HTE  stands for Hsin Ten Enterprises (translation: Health-Wealth), the manufacturers of the original Sun Ancon Chi machine and all the equipment described on this website. Their USA western headquarters are near Los Angeles, CA, and their eastern headquarters is on Long Island, NY. Their website is

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