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Some Testimonials

In May of 2001 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  I was told that my PSA blood count was a bit over 1800.  This is an extremely high count.  My wife called her son and he came out right away and brought the FIR dome with him.  He had told us about the success others had achieved with lowering their counts while using the FIR dome, and I was willing to try anything, as I did not want to undergo radiation or chemotherapy.

I started using the FIR dome immediately and ordered one for myself that night.

After biopsies, bone scans and ultrasounds, I was told at the end of May, that my PSA blood count was at 1885, and that the cancer had spread to my bones (back, pelvis, legs, head, etc).

On June 1st we went to the Cancer Clinic and got the pills to begin the hormone therapy to inhibit the growth of cancer.

On June 12th I was taken to the hospital by ambulance after suffering a mild heart attack (unrelated to the cancer).  Before leaving the hospital, the doctor injected my first hormone therapy shot.  The whole time I had been using the FIR dome everyday as long as possible.  Some nights I would stay under it all night, waking up only to turn it back on again.  During the day I would use it whenever I had the chance.

On July 19th, I went back to the doctor to have my PSA count done again to monitor the cancer.  My count had dropped from 1885 to 30!!!  This happened in only 12 weeks, one week of which I was in the hospital and unable to use the FIR dome.  As 30 is still a very high PSA count I will continue to use the FIR dome with total confidence that I will be able to bring my cancer to "0".

Thanks to my stepson Ken and HTE for such a great machine!   

Merl Bowers

Picture Butte, Alberta, Canada


In October of 1998, I had a severe stroke.  It affected my entire left side.  When I was released from the hospital I had very swollen ankles caused by bad circulation and the medication I was on for high blood pressure.  I also lost the use of my left arm.

I had physical therapy for the arm, but it didn't help very much.  It was at this time that my daughter introduced me to The Chi Machine.  I started using it immediately, two times a day for five minutes each time.  I worked up to fifteen minutes in the morning and in the evening.

I did not notice anything for three weeks and then one morning, I noticed my ankles were totally normal!!!  My left arm continues to improve each week and I now have about 95% use of it.

I have had The Chi Machine for five months now and my swollen ankles have not returned.  I can finally say that I feel tingling in my left arm and hand.  It took five months, but the circulation is good.

Two other things I've noticed is that I sleep very well at night and I have lost two inches from my waist.
I thank God for my speedy recovery and thank my daughter, Patty, for bringing The Chi Machine into my life.

Minnesota, USA

As a massage therapist, I have had the opportunity to observe the benefits that the Sun Ancon Chi Machine has provided for others.  One of my clients has MS and is only able to get around in a wheelchair.  Consequently, she has problems with lymphoedema.  However, after just a couple of treatments, I have witnessed the significant reduction in the size of her ankles, and of course, the relief of the pressure caused by the lymph build up.  The Chi Machine gets the lymph moving, kick-starts the kidneys so that the urinary system is much more fluid than usual.  Consequently much of the fluid build up is eliminated and she feels much lighter after the treatment.  Her bowels also work better after the treatments.  

Carol Stadelmann, Massage Therapist


HTE and Children with Special Needs

I am a Neurodevelopmental Therapist who works with children labeled as ADHD, Dyslexic, Autistic or with any serious learning problem.  When I was first shown the Chi Machine, I didn’t make the connection with its possible use in neural systems therapy.  Over time, however I did decide to try the Chi Machine on some of my patients.  There were excellent results in combination with therapy.

A girl went from crawling to climbing upstairs to walking; a boy started speaking more clearly; many others were calm and focused.  – Janet O., MN


Children with ADHD, ADD, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Head Trauma, Down's Syndrome helped with Chi Machine and FIR Dome

“From an occupational therapy perspective, we are clinically finding very positive impacts of the Chi machine for facilitation of self-regulation, calm state, better sleeping, and postural mobility. Children with a wide range of diagnoses including Autism, Attention Deficit and head trauma, have been benefiting from the Chi Machine.

The Chi Machine makes an excellent home program for accelerating progress in all the above areas.”
--- Nancy Lawton-Shirley, Occupational Therapist

Nancy runs a school for children with special needs which provides services for approximately 250 children a week. She has helped numerous children over the past 5 years with issues in their life as listed below, a rough outline taken from a DVD of her presentation to a gathering of HTE distributors and parents.  If you're interested in the DVD, or an earlier CD of Nancy describing how to use the Chi Machine and FIR dome with children with special needs are available - please contact the person who directed you to this site, or Ayleyaell Kinder.   

ADHD/ADD/Autism: Changes seen:
Sleep improves; Behavorial issues lessen; Better concentration; Coordination of muscles; Calmer response to touch, sound, movement   

Anxiety/Anxiety Disorders: Examples of:
Distressed by new activities, people, or places; Excessive worries; Anticipates disaster in activities; Overwhelmed by touch, movement, sound, etc.
Anxiety/Anxiety Disorders: Changes seen:
Calmer; More flexible; Better sleep; Relaxed facial muscles

Cerebral Palsy: Changes seen:
Improved range of motion of limbs; Increased relaxed muscles; Relaxed feet, less stiffness; Increased movement through truck/body during Chi Machine use; Decreased pain of tight muscles(Chi Machine and FIR Dome)

Learning Disability: Changes seen:
Some find learning easier; Some find concentration easier; Less stress

Down's Syndrome: Changes seen:
Decreased constipation; Increased alert state; Increased calm

Head Trauma/Stroke: Changes seen:
Improved coordination; Improved independence; Improved use of limbs; Increased calm state; Increased body awareness


Things to look for while your child is on the Chi Machine:

  • -relaxed facial muscles
  • -less restlessness
  • -increased eye contact
  • -increased interaction
  • -body awareness


  • Regular use of the Chi Machine, the child will be calmer
  • Use the FIR Dome for tight muscles
  • The FIR Dome will calm the child while he/she is on the Chi Machine.
  • Weighted blanket-lay it on the child’s chest to calm and settle the body
  • Play soft music while on the Chi Machine – do not use head phones
  • No florescent lights
  • Things in the hand settles a child down – squiggles, something squishy in the hands
  • For some, things in the mouth is calming – chew tubes or something they can chew on
  • If the child is too scared to lay on the floor doing the Chi Machine, just have him/her sit on a chair with the Chi Machine on the floor in front of the chair, placing the child’s feet on the stirrups of the Chi Machine.
  • Remember to have your child drink water, some before and some after using the Chi Machine.


I have been a foster grandmother to an autistic child since he was age four.  When Ronnie came into my life, he did not speak, had numerous behavior problems, was not potty trained, had a poor appetite, very restless, banged his head all the time, rocking and banging while he tried to sleep.  I had been a nurse for many years and was retired, I also had hours in child physiology which I thought would be beneficial.  He and I struggled together.  I had contacted child welfare for assistance and they sent in a speech therapist which helped a little.  Then one day a friend called me to tell me about this wonderful Chi Machine that she wanted me to look at.  She had heard the story of my own health issues, but my main concern was things that would help Autism and our conversation turned to Ronnie.

Since beginning to use the Chi Machine, Ronnie’s school work improved 58%.  He has begun to form words and articulating connecting words like, “I drink” when wanting a drink where before he would just come and stand in front of you and you had to ask questions to find out what he wanted.  He had so much trouble forming words with his tongue.  It has been three years since Ronnie has been using the Chi Machine and FIR Dome, he is now going into the sixth grade. He can speak more clearly and ask for things he wants in a sentence.  The rockings have gone down and the acting out in public is almost never.  He uses the Chi Machine and FIR Dome every morning for 15 minutes before school.

I spoke to a doctor asking why was Ronnie responding to the Chi Machine and he told me that for the first time in Ronnie’s life his right brain was able to communicate with the left brain.  – Mary Jo H.


I am a Neurodevelopmental Therapist who works with children labeled as ADHD, Dyslexic, Autistic or with any serious learning problem.  When I was first shown the Chi Machine, I didn’t make the connection with its possible use in neural systems therapy.  Over time, however I did decide to try the Chi Machine on some of my patients.  There were excellent results in combination with therapy.

A girl went from crawling to climbing upstairs to walking; a boy started speaking more clearly; many others were calm and focused.  – Janet O., MN


In late 1996, I was a 57 year old obese male with non-insulin dependent diabetes, high blood pressure and I noticed that I was slowly losing feeling in my right foot.

In early 1997, my podiatrist diagnosed my condition as neuropathy.  The office test consisted of having the podiatrist touch seven points on the bottom of my foot.  I could only detect three of these contacts.  I knew that I would have to start doing something as I figured that at age 57 I was too young to have such a condition.  Moreover, I was the one who despised exercise of any type.  I justified some of this dislike to the bone spurs, which I was developing on both of my feet.  In retrospect, it seems providential that by coincidence I went with my wife to visit a friend who showed us the Chi Machine.  After hearing about his good experience with the Chi Machine, I decided to try it.

I used the machine every morning before gong to work and every evening before going to sleep.  I find both of these 15-minute periods as highlights of relaxation in each of my days.  The machine travels with me on vacations and there have been very few days on which I have not used the machine.

In November of 1997, I asked the podiatrist to recheck my neuropathy.  Upon feeling all seven contacts the podiatrist sent me in for a nerve conduction study.  The results of that study provided a diagnosis of a "barely perceptible neuropathy" attributed to my diabetic condition.  I considered this a tremendous improvement, which I can only attribute to the use of the Chi Machine.  I will continue to use it daily for the rest of my life with the hope that I can lose some weight and hopefully eventually overcome my diabetes.

John Gore
Baltimore, MD, USA

Testimonial from a Dance Teacher

I am a dance teacher and performer.  On Thursday night, Nov. 26, 2009, I somehow strained a groin muscle.  The next day, Friday Nov. 27, I could barely walk and I wondered how I was ever going to be able to teach my hip hop class that evening.  I got on the SOQi bed for 45 minutes, and started feeling better immmediately afterward; I could finally move my hips to walk.  I went to do some errands and then came back and took 30 minutes on the E-power right before I had to go teach.  It was like a miracle!  I left the clinic walking normally and taught my hip hop class that evening.  The next morning I still had no pain. On top of all this, my sciatica issue felt better as well.   ----- Kirti Srivastava, San Diego, CA, USA

Ayleyaell's Testimonials

The FIR dome literally saved my life when I unknowingly had bacteria from a tooth infection enter my bloodstream during a July 4th holiday weekend.  The pain began on a Friday, and I went to my acupuncturist Saturday, then lay with the dome over my head and jaw for 3 days to reduce pain until Tuesday morning when my dentist was back in town. The dentist told me I should have gone to the emergency room rather than waiting, and that bacteria in the blood stream from an infected tooth is so close to the brain that it is often fatal if not treated immediately.

The Chi machine relieved heaviness in my chest and shortness of breath caused by fear, horrible air quality, stress, grief and worry for myself and friends who were threatened during the massive firestorms we had here in San Diego in 2007. 

Three sessions using the basic ERE took me from hobbling painfully with a strained and inflamed plantar tendon to walking pain free.

The SOQI bed took away all pain, swelling and soreness in my body from a car accident in one half hour session. I was on my way to LA for the introduction of the SOQi bed, luckily enough, to the medical community when three blocks from the hotel my little Toyota Corolla was nearly totaled in a front end collision with large SUV.  I had fairly extensive soreness, shock and soft tissue injuries from the accident, but no broken bones, so I refused the ambulance and limped myself and my rattling car to the presentation, where an HTE President heard my story and immediately put me into a SOQi bed.  It felt like Heaven!  I relaxed deeply and fell asleep, and a half hour later when I emerged I had no pain or stiffness.  That night you could see the black and blue markings where the seat belt cut into me, but there was no pain and no swelling, nor did pain ever return. The marks took about 10 days to fade away. 

The E-power dissolved my long term chronic fatigue and insomnia.   Within a week, of using E-power, I no longer had my formerly chronic insomnia, my eyesight improved to the point where I no longer need to switch to stronger eyeglasses at night, and my chronic fatigue started to lift. I now use the E-power each night while I sleep, and that has produced enormous positive difference in my energy level, and in the appearance and softness of my skin (noted during the infamous southern California Santa Ana winds, no less)!

E-power also healed a large and painful canker sore which erupted on the side of my tongue after I overdid the gourmet vinegar and citrus sampling at an organic foods expo.  I hadn't had a canker sore since childhood, but I remembered they usually took about 5 to 7 days to heal.  This time the canker sore dissolved overnight, with one E-power treatment!  

I strained a groin muscle (quite painful, very difficult to walk and impossible to drive). A few one hour treatments on the E-power over the weekend and all the pain was gone. 

I used the E-power followed by 2 one hour FIR dome sessions on a suspicious, irregular skin growth that was fast increasing in size under my collarbone. The growth immediately began to shrink after the first treatment. Within a week, it had dried and fell off, leaving just a faint brown mark! 

--Ayleyaell Kinder, CST,  certified SHEN Physio-Emotional Therapist

SHEN Therapy uses Qi (chi) to relax and release the effects of physical and emotional pain. You can read more about SHEN Therapy here).

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